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Quality plush cuddly toy animals for the little ones -and also for the grown-ups! All these animals are typical to Galicia and Galician children are familiar with them through Galician folk stories or by watching them in the farm.

Small Ulloa Hedgehog

Price: 6,69 €

With their small eyes, pointed snout and small legs, the Galicians find the hedgehog to be one of the cutest wild animals in the country. Soft toy, measures approx. 3.9'' (10cm)

Small Celtic Pig

Price: 6,74 €

The Celtic Pig is Galicia's own indigenous breed of domestic pig. Soft toy, measures approx. 4.7'' (12cm)

Cospeito Frog

Price: 10,13 €

Frogs are amphibians, which means they typically live on land but breed underwater. Soft toy, measures approx. 11'' (28cm)

Small Ourense Hen

Price: 10,55 €

Easy to keep and a great source of food, hens were the most popular domestic animal in the country. Soft toy, measures approx. 7.9'' (20cm)

Galician Grey Rabbit

Price: 10,89 €

The rabbit is one of the most common animals in the Galician countryside. Soft toy, measures approx. 7.9'' (20cm)

Brigantian Owl

Price: 11,82 €

In Galician folklore the owl is often associated with witchcraft. Soft toy, measures approx. 5.9'' (15cm)

Carballiño Octopus

Price: 12,29 €

Octopus is one of the most famous dishes in Galician cuisine. Every typical county fair in Galicia always has a booth for Octopus. Soft toy, measures approx. 11.8''x11.8'' (30x30cm)

Ortigueira Red Squirrel

Price: 12,81 €

The red squirrel is a likeable animal found in both coniferous forest and temperate broadleaf woodlands. Soft toy, measures approx. 6.7'' (17cm)

Doniños Male Mallard

Price: 13,21 €

The mallard is the most common wild duck species in Galicia. Soft toy, measures approx. 9.8'' (25cm)

Galician Countryhouse Cat

Price: 14,36 €

The cat is a typical pet in the Galician country home. Soft toy, measures approx. 7.9'' (20cm)

Maceda Lamb

Price: 16,77 €

Traditionally, every farm and croft in Galicia used to have their own sheep and lamb. Soft toy, measures approx. 14'' (35cm)

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