Royal Stewart Kilt

Royal Stewart Kilt

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» Casual kilt made in the well known Royal Stewart Tartan, the tartan of the Scottish Monarchs.
» The early Scottish kings considered themselves to be descendants of Gaelic tribes which migrated to Caledonia from the Celtic Kingdom of Brigantia in Galicia.
» In AD 1335 Scottish King Robert the Bruce's heart was taken posthumously in pilgrimage to St James of Compostella, fulfilling his deathbed wish.
» Up to six Stewart kings of Scotland were called James, after Galicia's Patron Saint. The supporters of the Stewart kings in the 16th-17th centuries were called Jacobites.
» Jacobite pretender Charles Edward Stewart was the last Stewart to visit Galicia. In 1740 he visited Betanzos, the former city of Brigantia and home of his ancestors, before his last attempt to regain his throne.
» Tartan made of acrylic fabric, standard 5 yards tartan.
» Ideal for wearing in festivals, sport events, re-enactment...

Kilt sizes
If you do not know what your kilt size is, you will have to measure your waist. For more information, you may read:

Kilt Sizes
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Adult - Medium 34'' (86 cm)
Adult - Medium-Large 38'' (96.5 cm)
Adult - Large 42'' (106.7 cm)
Adult - Extra Large 46'' (116.8 cm)

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